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Latinas are one of the fastest growing minorities and most powerful groups in the United States. They are leading in business, government, politics, and in many other areas. Despite this, Latinas continue to face challenges in reaching their full potential. In addition, they experience the largest gender wage gap out of any group of working women in the United States, earning just 54 cents to the dollar earned by white, non-Hispanic male workers. 


The Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) and its allies recognize the strength, vision, and potential that Latinas possess. It is detrimental that we work towards changing the inequality that Latinas face and start acknowledging the many talents and contributions of Latina working women. 


Creating awareness about the problems that this group faces and building coalitions is part of the strategy aimed at achieving this goal. We are working towards engaging communities across the country, coordinating with unions, women’s rights advocates, Latino civil rights groups, and high road employers, to raise awareness about these problems, promote solutions, and create change.

The Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) designed its Trabajadoras Fellowship to empower Latina workers by providing them with the knowledge and experience they need to become gender equity and labor movement leaders. 


Fellows receive the training, support, and resources they need from LCLAA to promote gender equity for all trabajadoras. As part of this six-month program, fellows promote gender equity, engage in coalition building, participate, and coordinate civic engagement efforts, and raise awareness about Latina worker priorities, including closing the gender wage gap. Fellows attend six leadership building training sessions, complete a long-term advocacy project, and commit to planning and hosting at least one gender equity event in their community in collaboration with their local LCLAA chapter.


Our curriculum, focused on occupational segregation, pay equity, and union organizing has empowered women to speak up about injustice on the job and make positive changes in their communities. 

Our 2024 Fellowship application will open on December 1, 2023

If you have any questions, please contact Karla Pineda, LCLAA's Deputy Director at

For more information visit


  • Throughout this fellowship, you will receive specialized training from experts in several fields

  • Your participation in this fellowship will be recognized and promoted on LCLAA’s social media platforms and other media. 

  • You will receive updates, information, and support from LCLAA National staff to promote gender equity for Trabajadoras. 

  • You will connect with LCLAA chapters and members in your area, as well as with allies, in order to promote Latina leadership and equity. 

  • You will receive monthly webinars to further develop your education and knowledge on practical and crucial topics for working women. 


All information, training materials, outreach strategies, and other information that are prepared by LCLAA staff or consultants and are provided as part of this Fellowship, are the property of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA).


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